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Villa Elevator

Description :
WELLS Home Lift, in a confined space can perform an extraordinary performance. It smoothly initiates the peace layer system to make the elevator more stable.

Technical Spesification :
Load: 250kg-400kg
Speed: 0.3m/s – 0.4m/s
Motor Drive : Gearless
Control Type: VVVF
Door Protection : Light Curtain
WELLS HOME LIFT embodies architectural design in the use of space, especially the roof is required shorter because the lift speed is slower than Passenger Lift. Steel belt is a new technology application that greatly reduces noise and vibration in the system, increases traction flexibility, safer weight lighter makes the system more efficient. Steel belts without lubrication solve the problem of shaft oil pollution for 150 years, running in the elevator in an Eco-green environment, the door machine system is stable and reliable, to create excellent quality. More suitable for villas, rows of houses are like single-family homes and the experience is better and stronger.
AC-VVVF control system: adopts a highly integrated motherboard integration as the core of the elevator control system which is the main part of the elevator with high reliability of the RSL communication system. The elevator operation process in the UMCP leveling process adopts high-precision vector frequency conversion technology, making the elevator run smoother and more comfortable, with higher operating efficiency, and at the same time, the compact appearance is also more conducive to the actual installation.

WELLS Home Lift uses gearless synchronous PM with steel belt, canceling traditional dampers, coaxial transmission technology, and advanced vector frequency conversion control technology to make the elevator run smoother as it can reduce power consumption, noise and vibration. The cancellation of the damper makes the lift operate in a clean and Eco green environment because the machine does not need lubrication to operate.

Polyurethane coating to prevent corrosion and inside contains a core flex that is not an ordinary sling. Steel belts work in an Eco green environment without the use of lubricants like conventional slings and are also capable of being used for up to 150 years of use.