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WELLS Escalator is a new generation product from WELLS, which is a combination of the advantages of safety, innovation, energy saving, high efficiency, and convenience.

WELLS Escalator can meet the needs of commercial and public transportation, to provide safe and reliable transportation services, at the same time, the beauty of appearance brings beautiful colors to buildings.
WELLS Escalator commercial type is based on local standard GB16899-2011 and international standard EN115 applying advanced industrial escalator design and manufacturing technology. Adopting advanced microcomputer control system technology, high-strength frame structure, perfect protection, making product safety, reliability and convenience. WELLS Escalator fully meets the needs of markets, modern industries, hospitals, hotels, business centers (CBD) and shopping malls.
Technical specifications :
Rise (mm): ≤8000
Angle of Inclination (degrees): 35/30
Rated Speed ​​(m / s): 0.5
Step Width (mm): 1000/800/600

Heavy Duty Public Escalator makes WELLS products with the latest technology with efficient and reliable transportation become an integral part of urban transportation. Fully meet allotment requirements at train stations, MRT stations, LRT stations, airports, bridges to see the view (tourist attractions) and places where the traffic of people is very large.
Technical specifications :
Rise (mm): ≤20000
Angle of Inclination (degrees): 30 / 27.3 / 23.2
Rated Speed ​​(m / s): 0.65 / 0.5
Step Width (mm): 1000/80